Welcome to’s documentation! allows to track groups of up to 100 unmarked animals from videos.

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Installation and git repository

The source code and installation instructions can be found at


Check out the Quickstart to learn how to use the software.

Video conditions

Check out the General video conditions to get some advice in how to create videos that will give you the best tracking results with

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have summarized in the FAQs some of the questions that we get more often.

Trajectory analysis

We provide a set of Jupyter Notebooks for analysis of the trajectories that outputs.

Code documentation is opensource and free software (both as in freedom and as in free beer). We have documented the code so that it is easier for developers to modify it to their needs. matches identities between videos

We have also developed a toolbox to match identities between videos, called


When using information from this web page please reference

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Find here the preprint version of the manuscript.


The data used in the article can be found in the Data section of this webpage.