General questions

Can I use in my videos?

You can check our Gallery to see the type of videos in which worked well. We also give a set of Guidelines for good videos that we advise users to follow to get the best results with

Does work in Windows?

Yes, in the :doc:`host_to_install`_ we provide instructions to install in Windows. We have tested the installation in computers running Windows 10 Pro.

Can I run in a laptop?

Yes. We are running with all its features in high-end performance gaming laptops from Obsidian. If your laptop does not have a GPU you can still use, see the next FAQ.

Can I use if my computer does not have a good GPU?

Yes, you can still use if you don’t have a GPU. However, the parts of the tracking that use the GPU will be up to 100x slower. However, if you are tracking a single animal, or if you are tracking groups of animals but you do not want to keep their identities, you can use and track animals at a faster speed.

To track animals without keeping their identity, just check the box Track without identities in the bottom left corner of the GUI (see Graphical user interface (GUI)).

Can I use in an AMD GPU?

Althought there are some efforts on making Tensorflow work with AMD GPUs, we do not provide support or installation instructions in this case. As is free and open source, you can always download it and set your environment with Tensorflow supporting your AMD GPU. However, we have not heard from any user using with AMD GPUs, so if you are successful, please let us know!

Can I use with Google Colab?

coming soon

Is there a Docker image for

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Can track multiple videos in batch?

Yes, check the Tracking from the terminal.

Does give orientation and posture information?

Orientation and posture can be computed a posteriori from the blobs_collection.npy file that generates. In this repository we provide an example where we compute the nose, tail and midline for fish.

You can also generate a small video for every animal in the group and use it to get the posture with one of the AI based posture trackings (Deeplabcut, LEAP, …).

Can I use together with DeepLabCut or LEAP?

As explained before, you can generate a small video for every animal in the group and use it to track the body parts with one of the AI based posture trackings (Deeplabcut, LEAP, …).

Does track single animals?

Yes. Although is designed to track multiple animals keeping their identities along the video, you can also track videos with a single animal. Just indicate that the number of animals to track is 1 in the corresponding text box in the GUI. The system will automatically skip the GPU intensive parts that are not necessary in this case. This means that you can use to track single animals in a desktop or a laptop computer even if it does not have a GPU. In this case, will run faster as it will only need to segment the video to extract the position of the animal.

Can I track humans with

We haven’t tried to track people with We think that can track well people in videos recorded under laboratory conditions. Tracking humans on natural environments (streets, parks,…) it is a much more difficult task for which was not designed. However, as is free and open source, you can maybe use parts of our algorithm to set your human tracking for natural environments.

Common installation problems

Some of the errors that you might encounter might have been already reported by other users and fixed. Please update your to make sure you are using the latest version. To update follow the indtructions at the end of the :doc:`how_to_install`_ page.

If the error persists, please report the issue in the gitlab repository or send us an email to We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Common GUI (Graphical User Interface) bugs and questions

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